The public library of Morsø, Denmark, had an open design contest, for a new website. They wanted to get a online platform, that was able to interact with users of all ages, targeting primarily on tweens and teens. We designed a website and a new corporate identity, symbolizing a new beginning and a new age and digital integration for the whole island. The goal was to increase the rating of visitors to the website by 15%, after 200 days. Not only did we increase the visits on the site with more than 80%, we also managed to get users to order books via the Internet from 3% to almost 40% after the 200 days.

Morsø Folkebibliotek Billboard by Robert Thomsen

Morsø Folkebibliotek Outdoor by Robert Thomsen

Morsø Folkebibliotek Website by Robert Thomsen

Client: Morsø Region of Denmark
Agency: Advize
Project: Morsø library website
Year: 2007

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