HistoriskAtlas.dk is an online platform that helps Danes keep track of historical events with both local and global perspectives.

HistoriskAtlas.dk is a cloud-based service provided by Odense Municipality. It keeps track of historical events based on geolocations. The service is provided to both professional public services such as libraries etc., and private users. The service is a lifetime storage of media, data, video and other digital materials.


Create a new visual look and feel for the platform and back it up with a marketing campaign intended for both online and offline media.

By combining geotargeting and user information, we created an online banner campaign that made unique web banners for every interaction based on your geolocation. To mark the launch, we made a TVC campaign for HistoriskAtlas.dk, which aired on social media platforms and local TV stations.


In the first month after launch, the number of historical locations increased by 25%.

Session time increased by almost 100% to over six minutes.

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