VVSMester.dk is a new online shop by SOLAR.

VVSMester.dk is owned and driven by one of Denmark’s larges supply chains for professionals within electronics, water applications and plumbing. VVSMester.dk combines a chain of professional plumbers and a webshop for professionals and non-professionals.


Create a new visual look and feel for the platform and back it up with a marketing campaign intended for both online and offline media.

By focusing on the clear promise that VVSMester.dk is the only website that gives customers the chance to both add products, tools and a free offer for installation “in the basket”, by putting the plumber in the basked as well. This graphical tone-of-voice was used for both key visuals and the webshop’s basket to underline the brand promise.


In the first month after the official launch the site has grown on a steady pace.

For now the main campaigns has been focusing on getting more professionals joining the VVSMester co-operation. The number of professionals have increased with 12%, and sales has gone up with 3% every month.

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